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All about Ramalia- how we started

Posted by Rae-Ella Pratt on

Here is a the insight as to how we started...

It really started 27 years ago when we were involved with Amway, yes Amway, they are an amazing company with great products. The amount of knowledge that I gained was immense.

Fast forward to 26 years later and our oldest daughter had the opportunity to partner with someone who wanted skincare products...as she was not able to fulfill that roll at that time, I said I would love to take it on. You will see one of the products in our line is named specifically for her, Maple's butter. This was her formula and I am sure you will find it just a beautiful as I did.

Instead of the partnership we decided created our own company with your wellness in mind, with a promise to only use cosmetic grade organic, sustainable products and to create a product that does not have unnecessary fillers.

The name Ramalia came to be by the combination of Rae-Ella, Maple and Felicia. The hummingbird is one of my favorite birds, they are the most amazing little creatures, everywhere we have lived we seem to have so many around all year. It is also in my aboriginal name. When we had our naming ceremony and I was named Shining hummingbird woman, very fitting. The colour purple has always been my favorite! 

Well now you have the start of Ramalia, looking forward to sharing more insights into our company but also sharing the benefits of our products.